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Some answers to common questions about Cornish Rex cats:

Cornish Rex are not hypo-allergenic.
This unique breed has no guard hairs, and therefore has very minimal shedding.  This can mean less allergens around the home, which
can make owning a cat feasible to mild allergy sufferers.  All cats, including hairless cats, produce saliva and dander which contain the
enzymes that allergy sufferers react to.

Cornish Rex are active cats.
These cats are into everything.  Cornish Rex are highly social and demanding of attention.  They are known as the greyhounds of the cat
fancy.  Cornish Rex can jump to the top of the refrigerator, cabinets and bookshelves.  They will sit on your keyboard as you are trying
to get work done, and attack the mouse cursor when you want to see the screen.  They are very playful.  Some will fetch a crumbled
paper for hours.  If a Rex is left home alone, he can become depressed.  A second Rex is usually the answer, and will be twice as
entertaining for you!

Some Rex are vocal.
Cornish Rex do not have a hallmark sound, such as Siamese cats do.  Cornish Rex have a wide variety of voices, from gutteral
rumbling Maows to sqeaks and prrrrts.  Some hardly talk at all, and some simply won't be quiet.

Cornish Rex come in all colors and patterns.
Rex are seen in solid colors, such as black, white, and red. There are dilutes such as blue or cream.
There are bi-colors (which means white is included in the cat's color).
Rex come in a variety of patterns, too.  Tabbies (stripes) are seen in the Classic pattern (thick swirling stripes), the Mackerel pattern
(fine, thin stripes), and the Spotted pattern.
Cornish Rex in the Pointed pattern look similar to the Siamese cat to the untrained eye.
Smoke or Cameo can be quite pretty,the coat closest to the cat's body is white, with only the tips of the hair colored.
Calicos and Tortoiseshells (such as black and red or blue and cream) are exclusive to female cats.

For a complete listing of all colors and patterns, please visit the Cornish Rex page on the CFA website.
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The Rex gene is present in many different breeds, including Devon Rex.
There are many differences between the breeds, however.  Some of the key differences include:  Devon Rex have two layers of coat,
whereas Cornish have only one.  Body style in the Cornish Rex is lean and muscular.  Devons have a shorter, heavier build.  Cornish
tend to be more active and outgoing than Devons.

For more information, please visit the Devon page on the CFA website.
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